Ava Dayanzadeh

Legal Intern


Ava Dayanzadeh is a legal intern with our team at BGS Law. Ava is currently a local senior attending Thomas S. Wootton High School, and she is bilingual and fluent in Farsi. Ava has been raised in a big family, where majority of her cousins are lawyers. Ever since she was a little girl, Ava has been extremely fond of listening to her cousins speak about court cases and matters that are going on in the real world. With the exposure she has received, it has opened her eyes and caused her interest in the legal world to grow.

In her free time next to reading, traveling, and attending NCSY as a Jewish youth group member, Ava loves to watch documentaries on famous court cases and studies them. She follows up regularly on active court cases that appear on the news and loves to learn about the legal process.

Ava is currently enrolled in a law course at her high school and is expanding her knowledge of legal matters and how real trials and legal proceedings work. With this internship at BGS Law, she has gained tremendous exposure to how her future as a family law attorney might look.

Her interest in becoming a family law attorney comes from her background and love of helping people. She believes that if she becomes a family law attorney, she will be successful at providing support for families during an emotional time and she can help be the voice for other people.

Ava is very happy to be a part of the BGS team and is extremely grateful for this experience and opportunity to learn and work with other bright, amazing ladies!